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Documenting the Past

Our production schedules are very demanding and we rely on Falcon to achieve them time and time again.

Production Manager, BAR Publishing

BAR publish reports and journals for archaeologists and scientists from all over the world. Due to the content’s sensitive nature their turnaround times from delivery of files to printed books are extremely fast and accuracy is vitally important.

Academic publishingKnowing the customer

Usually, when working with a publisher, production staff supply files that are ready to flow straight in to page. Word documents have been checked so coding is correct. Images are all of a sufficient resolution and supplied in suitable formats. We work with our customers for years and get to know how they like to supply content, which makes the production process straightforward and helps us to achieve the results we know our customer is after.

Many of BAR’s authors have little or no experience of how to publish their work. A basic BAR template shows them how work is to be presented and files are received in various different formats for production. The production team sift through the supplied files but it’s not usually until we start to make up the files that problem areas are identified.

Academic publishing

Academic publishingComplex layouts, tight deadlines

Every BAR publication is slightly different. Some have hundreds of footnotes, others have none. Some have many tables that need formatting, pictures that have to be placed in the correct position in the text, different sections in prelims and endmatter that have to be formatted correctly. Many are even supplied in foreign languages. The variety is wide reaching but it’s the sort of work we love.

Although working to a standard set of rules, because of the diversity of supplied material each publication requires a level of attention to detail. All extra material needs to correspond with its mention in the text. A first proof PDF is required within a few days and if pictures or other content is in the wrong place this can cause major issues when making corrections, and indeed increase the time needed at correction stage, potentially delaying getting the finished file to print.

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At Falcon we have built a reputation for attention to detail and a professional attitude which is vital in all types of publishing. Our aim is to help all authors and publishers achieve the highest possible standard of finished product. Sticking to their deadlines and taking the stress out of the working process along the way with our friendly approach.

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