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Kid's Books... as Reflowable eBooks?

With heavily designed pages containing combined picture and text layouts, most children’s books are best served up as ebooks in ‘fixed layout’ format. However, for those with a bit more copy, for slightly older readers, it can be worth exploring the ‘reflowable’ option.
Ghoul Scouts, ebook
Ghoul Scouts, ebook

A better option

When creating ebooks for young children’s fiction, with very little text and heavily designed pages, you wouldn’t contemplate anything other than a fixed layout. But as the age range gets older, text becomes more of a feature and the images are there to complement the copy rather than help explain the story. In such cases, creating the ebooks in a reflowable format becomes a realistic option.

Telling the story

Of course, when putting together a reflowable ebook you still need to use the images to tell the story, just as it is told in the printed version. Although the text font and size can be changed in the eReader, the position of artworks can be followed faithfully. Chapter opening artworks, in-text drawings and fillers can all be used to keep the story flowing visually, adding richness to the copy, helping the younger reader along on their introduction to reflowable stories.

Ghoul Scouts, ebook

How does the ebook compare?

One set of books that lent itself well to the reflowable ebook format was Guppy Books’ Ghoul Scouts series. To give you an idea of how we created the ebooks from the printed version, and what is possible, we’ve created a short video which you can view by clicking the link below.

Ghoul Scouts, ebook

How we can help you?

If you have a printed book that you feel may work well as a reflowable ebook get in touch by emailing, or give us a call on +44 (0) 1580 766001. We have a wealth of knowledge on how to produce all ebook formats and are always available to give advice on the best course of action.