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The Tarot of Alternative Truth

It’s not often that we are asked to supply just an ebook. As typesetters, it is more usual for us to set the printed version and produce the ebook from that file. But author Zino Symons wanted a file he could use to promote his years of work online. So he could gauge how the title was received before deciding whether to go to the expense of a printed version.


The Tarot of Alternative Truth deals with time, the nature of consciousness and reality. According to Einstein, time and space are a continuum and in quantum physics it has been shown that a new universe is born for every possibility. These two ideas describe the physical universe within which the story takes place. The landscape of the psychological universe is the living world of archetypes that is found in the collective unconscious blockchain of all sentient beings, both organic and electronic, that exists in the occult, mathematical dimensions that support the four dimensions of spacetime.

The story explores the post-modern, post-truth world that is in some ways technically more advanced than ours, but in other ways is still in the mediaeval era as science merges with magic. The post-truth world has become so unreal that monsters and mythological beings from the collective unconscious begin to invade the world of objective reality.

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