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You’ve spent years creating your novel, invested hours and hours of your spare time pouring your soul into it, and then you want to get it published

Even Agatha Christie, whose book sales now exceed $2 billion, endured 5 years of continual rejection before landing a publishing deal. Many authors have moved towards self-publishing, utilising our skills at Falcon to help get their manuscript through the production process and produce their own final printed copies. We offer a complete service for those looking to self-publish, ensuring that the final product is of the highest professional standard, and all at an affordable price.

We can assist self-publishing authors with keying, copy editing and layout design right through the typesetting and proofing process and on to cover design and printing. We also offer services for those looking to transform their manuscript into an eBook.

Breaking it down

Creating a digital copy

The first step you will need to follow when going down the self-publishing route is sending your manuscript through to us digitally as a Microsoft Word document or similar readable format.

Don’t worry if you don’t have any digital copy yet, we can key your hard copy into a digital format ready for typesetting.

Copy editing

We have a team of highly experienced copy editors available to work through your book. They not only correct and make consistent any spelling issues but also check syntax and grammar to ensure your book reads and flows well. They work closely with the typesetting team to ensure the correct layout of headings, figures, tables and references in your book.

Page design

You will then need to sit down with us to discuss the design style for your book. The design style is what determines how your copy with look in page format and can be altered until you are happy with how it looks. At this stage you will also need to consider roughly how many pages you want your book to be since this can affect the production costs.

Once you have approved the design we will produce the first proofs for you to check. We can then have the proofs professionally read or you may want to go through and read them yourself. We will then make any corrections and, once approved, we will send you a finalised PDF that is ready for printing.


Once you have your final copy it is a very simple task for us to create an eBook that you can use for sale on Amazon or other promotional websites. The advent of eBooks means the market you can reach is almost limitless.

Cover design and printing

Your book will need a cover when it goes to print and, if you don’t have an idea in mind, we have an excellent in-house cover design service. We can also assist with the printing stage as we work with several professional printers and can get your finished and bound copies printed by them for a price that will fit within your budget. With modern digital printing it is much more affordable to have a limited number of copies printed. Once printed we will arrange for the copies to be delivered to your door.

Want to know more about self-publishing?

Hopefully we have given you a good feel for how to go about self-publishing your book, but if you would like to know more please call us on +44 (0)1580 766001 or email [email protected] for more information on the self-publishing services that we provide. If you’d like to see how a complex full colour book is produced please click on the link below, ‘All Bells and Whistles’. You will find it an interesting read!
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