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Photoshop Creations

You’ve probably heard of Photoshop and are aware of some of the more glamorous and creative uses it has been put to in recent times. The photo retouching and manipulation software package has a fearsome reputation and is an incredibly powerful tool in the right hands.

At Falcon we have years of experience using Photoshop. Much of the work we undertake is the every day resizing and colour adjustment of images so they are ready for production in whatever medium they are needed, be it for print or for the internet. But every now and then we get a project that gives us a chance to get really creative and show what is possible.

Promoting 'green' ideas

Leipa UK came to us with a brief to create an image for a magazine advert showing how their liner paper was replacing the need for plastic. There were several ideas under consideration but the one that really ticked all the boxes was a paper swan emerging from a plastic (or rubber) duck. Now we just had to make it look realistic!

The first step was to create a sample image to see if the artwork would work.

Photoshopped sample

The sample was generally felt to work well, although the swan looked a bit too ‘plasticy’ for Leipa’s liking. The green light was given to go ahead and create the final image.

The art of creation

Many swan images were looked at but the final one had to clearly be made from paper.

Shutterstock swan

Once everyone was happy work could begin and the final image created.

Final Photoshop image

An ad with impact

With the image finished the last task was to create the ad. Such an impactful subject would make any advert jump off the page and I’m sure you will agree the final design would grab the reader's attention.

Leipa breakout advert

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