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The CORE of Publishing

The ancient art of typesetting has advanced beyond recognition over the last few decades, but the relationship between publisher and typesetter remains stubbornly resistant to change.

What has changed in a very short space of time is our working environment. With the Coronavirus pandemic requiring us to first quarantine and then social distance, home working has become the new norm – and one which, in publishing at least, has been so successful it looks set to stay.

CORE 1Of course, home working comes with it’s own issues. You can’t ask the colleague sat next to you if they remember what stage that new title for your very important author is at … or whether their last title was set in Goudy or Berling. Your boss can’t overhear your conversation and shout across the room to ‘leave that for now and get hold of the typesetter to make sure the amendments are done’ for that pressing book that needs to be at the printer tonight.

Imagine a typesetting system that gives you control. Where you can see exactly which stage each title you are working on is at a glance. With tools that enable you to structure the Word document with minimal fuss, in record time, so you don’t have to give any extra setting instructions.

Imagine a system where you can upload the files and get your first proof back in 5 minutes. A system that allows you to make any text corrections within the first proof and then upload again, knowing that an experienced typesetting team will then make sure your final proofs are quality checked and ready for press.

Welcome to CORE!

Take control of your typesetting


CORE, being cloud based, will give you, the editor, complete control – from anywhere you happen to be with your laptop or computer. You can view all your current titles in production at any time and see exactly what stage they are at. Not only that but you can access all your previous titles via an online archive and retrieve them at the click of a button, putting them back in the production process for correcting and the next reprint. CORE saves you time … and consequently, money!

Crucially you’ll have the comfort of knowing every action you take will be shadowed by an experienced member of the Falcon typesetting team, and that, if you’re not sure about something, they will be at the end of the phone or email to answer any questions.


A faster, more efficient way of working

With CORE your whole production process will be much simpler … not to mention faster. You will be able to react to developing situations in the production process straightaway, which will in turn give you more flexibility in the way you work and bring your lead times down.


Pricing comparable to any overseas supplier

All this control and speed has to come at a price, right? Well, actually no. CORE is extremely competitively priced, comparing well with global offshore typesetters and other technological typesetting solutions.

It is very much a different way of working and, in our experience working with publishers who are using CORE, once you are accustomed to working this way you will love it and wonder how you ever got by before.

All overseen by a typesetting expert


Historically, computerised typesetting systems are devised by very clever technicians, but the final book produced isn’t up to the standard required by publishers. CORE is a very clever system, that is competitively priced, will give you control and save you time, but a crucial difference is that all your titles are quality checked by a trained, experienced member of the Falcon typesetting team before being made ready for press.

eBooks for a snip

When the final print ready files have been downloaded and sent to the printer you’ll need digital versions. The CORE workflow makes producing ePub and Mobi files a simple process, and so available almost immediately for a minimal fee.

Available now…

Since September 2020 we have made CORE available to UK publishers. If you’d like to see the system in operation get in touch with us on 01580 766001 or email [email protected] for a demonstration.

If you are still unsure you can watch our introductory video.