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Book Design

Book designCover and page design are essential to the success of any book. As with all books, content is vitally important, but to get the right readers to read books they will enjoy is the remit of a good designer.

Our design team at Falcon have years of experience designing covers and internal layouts for all types of books: fiction, non-fiction, educational, instructional, black and white or colour…

Book Design

Cover design

A book’s cover can be its primary selling feature. The cover must stand out and attract potential buyers amongst a sea of other titles, but most importantly it has to visually portray the contents. A bestselling book’s cover will appeal to readers who will, in turn, love the story.

Book covers

Page design

After giving your title the right cover, the next step to producing a successful book is designing the interior layout. A good design will set the feel and tone of the story. Is the theme classic or modern? A love story, a hard hitting thriller, a light hearted look at life? Maybe it’s for younger readers, or factual accounts which have sections giving clear advice.

Book design

All titles need a layout and design that are suited to the content. We will take our time and, on occasion, have been known to make up many sample layouts before our design team and the author are happy and ready to start making up the pages.

Good book design is like laying the foundations of a house. It’s essential to get them right before building the main structure. If the foundations are poor the building will fail.

Book design

Graphics, illustrations and charts

Book designMany books need much more than just straight text design and setting. Much of the work we produce today is heavily designed with pictures and graphics, and even text heavy publications sometimes need graphics and tables designed and set to complement and explain passages within the text.

At Falcon we can produce all manner of graphics to add visual aids to your text. We can also ‘upgrade’ your existing images to make them more impactful. Take a quick look at the ‘Diagrams and Illustrations’ page to get an idea of the options available to you.


How we can help you?

If you would like to find out more or talk to us about book design, we are happy to help. Give us a call on +44 (0)1580 766001 for a friendly ear and some expert advice.

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