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Bowled Over

'Hi Colyn - yes, they [final files] look great. Thanks v much! And thanks again for all you have done with this book. Your work has been outstanding and Lisa and I are both delighted!'

Email from a very happy customer

Aaaahhhh-eek! Publishers came to us with the draft for a small children’s book and some sketched illustrations. They had an idea of how they wanted the book to look but asked us to create the pages and make their images look more ‘finished’. Well, that sounded right up our alley…

Starting at the beginning

The first step was to create a page design that appealed to the age dermographic. The author originally wrote the story to allay her young daughter’s fear of spiders, and the publisher wanted a book that had the same feel as the Mr Men books, but wasn’t set in exactly the same format. We set to work on the page design, altering the traditional Mr Men page size slightly and flowing the text through with the images added within.

page design

Photoshop editing

Image clean-up

The pictures in a children’s book are an essential part of the story. The illustrator had produced several hand-drawn images but we needed to sort through to find the best ones, and then work on them to make sure they looked much stronger and cleaner in the printed book.

cover design

No cover – no problem

The illustrator had designed a very rough image for a potential cover design but asked our in-house team if they could expand on their initial idea. We felt the original design had some good elements to work with and decided to expand on these in producing the final cover. The main elements we felt had to be incorporated were the drawings of the two main charactersm Cybil and Cyril. After picking the out of the supplied image we cleaned them up and colourised them, adding a bit more life t make them stand out from the background.

Photoshop editing

Final tweaks

Our cover design had some rough edges which needed to be tidied up before the final files could be sent to the printer. After a little Photoshop work removing the white ‘halos’ around the two main characters and touching up the areas where the original ink marks had been faint, we were ready to go!

The complete service

Hopefully this page has given you a very brief idea of what is possible when publishing your title. If you’d like to find out more please email us at [email protected] or give us a call on 01580 766001. Our team are always on hand to answer any question you may have.